Exhibitors guidelines

ASRU 2021 offers a unique opportunity for companies and institutions to closely interact with the thought leaders in the academia and industry, and the top-notch postgraduate students in the field.

We thank all our exhibitors for their support to ASRU 2021, and we look forward to e-welcomming you in Cartagena.

Please find the manual consisting of the exhibition guidelines for your reference here.

The ASRU 2021 Organizing Committee would like to invite your organization to support ASRU 2021.  Using the Gather.town platform, sponsors of this prestigious workshop will enjoy the opportunity to interact closely and network with worldwide leaders and researchers in academia and industry, as well as top-notch postgraduate students in the field. Your participation will enable you to demonstrate your innovative products and services, and increase your visibility within the worldwide speech community/industry.  You can experience the Gather Town environment as it was set up for the IEEE ICASSP 2021 conference by clicking on the following link: https://gather.town/app/gvwAOEF6afwYC9vg/2021.icass

If you are sponsoring the event, please contact Kerstin Bonicard kbonicard@conferencecatalysts.com to receive information about your virtual booth and other details related to the virtual conference platform.